Jose L. Varela-Ibarra
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Translating with DEEPL – A Language Neutral Seminar

1. Attendees

The class is open to translators, interpreters, paralegals, attorneys, public servants, and other interested parties.

2. Virtual Mode

The class will be live via Zoom.

3. Date and time

Saturday, June 3, 2023 from 3:00 to 5:00 pm EST (New York time).

4. Instructor

Dr. Jose L. Varela-Ibarra. FCCI.

5. Certificate of Completion

A Certificate of Completion will be issued by Spanish Shield Language Services for 2.0 continuing education hours.

6. Additional Benefits

Complimentary Translating with DEEPL book by Dr. Jose L. Varela-Ibarra, FCCI, a $40 value, the PowerPoint script, and handouts.

7. Investment

$50 USD. (20% discount to former students. Please email for discount code to apply at checkout)

8. Registration

By Bank Card or PayPal at the Gumroad landing page: https://www.josevarelaibarra.gumroad/l/ubokh

9. Continuing Education Credits

Even though we are not in the business of selling continuing education credits, as a service to attendees we are currently seeking CE approval from the following states: CALIFORNIA, COLORADO, FLORIDA, KENTUCKY, OHIO, OREGON, TENNESSEE, TEXAS, WASHINGTON, and WISCONSIN.

Interpreters may also directly seek approval, usually 30 days prior, from NEBRASKA, PENNSYLVANIA, TEXAS, UTAH, and WISCONSIN.

Interpreters may receive approval after completion from IOWA, OKLAHOMA, PENNSYLVANIA, MISSOURI, NEW MEXICO, NORTH CAROLINA, RHODE ISLAND.

As of this writing, we believe the following states do not have a continuing education requirement: ALABAMA, ARIZONA, ARKANSAS, GEORGIA, IOWA, MICHIGAN, MINNESOTA, SOUTH CAROLINA, VIRGINIA,

If you would like us to seek approval from a state not listed, please contact

Ultimately, it is the attendee’s responsibility to ensure the state  you are seeking continuing education from allows your earning continuing education through this class, which in fact is worth more than your investment or the continuing education credits you will receive.

Never stop learning

For more information: Please write  or text 859 248-6308


This product is not currently for sale.

You register here. Former students, email us for the discount code. Apply it at checkout. You will receive the Zoom invitation a day prior to the seminar.


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